STATUS OF BCA BCA IS ALIVE AND WELL We have experienced an unfortunate series of events creating huge set backs since  2014 inception: Ebola Epidemic – difficulty for commitment, movement, coordination on the ground Death in the Family – devastating blow to the Board Stroke – Founder incapacitated and now renewed For-Profit Sponsor Delayed –  Start-up company, ‘LFW’ lost a grant which delayed its start; LFW willing but unable to financially contribute to BCA In the face of Coronavirus and our dedication to Upliftment of Liberian People we have decided to push forward now. After the massive tragedies that came during and post the Ebola epidemic, we know it is time to act now. Liberia and the surrounding region will be devastated if the heath crises is not quickly and properly addressed.  We are shifting focus onto our new Media program to help get out, what we feel will be some of the most important pieces of information about Liberia & Liberians. RESILIENCE  Our path forward: Reunite, and invigorate Partnerships: Union of Liberian Fine Artists (ULFA) Musician Union of Liberia (MULIB) Liberia Association of Writers (LAW) Liberia National Culture Union (LINCU) Liberia Movie Union (LIMU) Support off-shot organization: Seenajah – The Future of Liberia Entertaining Fundraising Events Focus on New Program:  BCA Media – first topic: CoronaVirus Address: Revisiting Ebola Thereafter: resume Projects No More Selections The Rescue SugarBeach Get remaining Programs  resumed / off the ground We will add to this Notice with updates in the days and weeks to come. Please contact us for questions, or if you wish to contribute or volunteer. We appreciate your support....
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